Janet Julian in Humongous

In 1982, Janet Julian starred in a horror film called Humongous. It should have been a positive step for the career of the young actress, but the movie was not generally well-received and quickly disappeared into the glut of 1980s horror cinema. It was released on VHS but it wasn't particularly popular on home video either. More recently, Humongous has been restored and released to DVD, finally allowing the masses greater access to this fine horror movie.

Humongous has often been the target of criticism from pretentious horror buffs, often people that are so burned out on indiscriminately watching anything and everything horror that they are unable to properly discern the good from the bad. Make no mistake, Humongous is a good movie. It has all the necessary elements to make an entertaining horror film. Even if it didn't, the movie has one incredible asset in the form of it's beautiful leading lady, Janet Julian.

Janet Julian is tremendous to look at in Humongous and she certainly holds the viewer's attention with her pouty lips and barely-there clothing. Throughout her career (when given the opportunity), Janet Julian has always been able to successfully carry a project and this is no exception.