Glynis Barber as Jane

In 1982 and again in 1984, Glynis Barber portrayed the fictional character Jane on UK television. The lovely actress did a fantastic job playing the live action version of the British comic strip hero. The two Jane series (short segments that added up to 45 minutes each when cobbled together) are great fun to watch. Beyond Glynis Barber in the title role, the viewer gets to see a bunch of other hilarious British actors ham it up (including great performances from Frank Thornton, Robin Bailey and Max Wall). But also, of course, we get to see Glynis Barber (sheer perfection in a pre-Dempsey and Makepeace role) being very funny and beautiful and getting her clothes ripped off every few minutes!

One wishes that Jane would have been made into a regular series. The excellent mix of live action and animation is very well done and quite engaging. As I watched it I also thought about what a great feature film it might have made, with it's unique visual aesthetic and great mixture of humor and action.

Here are some images of Glynis Barber in the first Jane series (1982):

Here are some pictures of Jane in the Desert (1984):