What did Pamela Sue Martin do in 1980?

Actress Pamela Sue Martin is primarily remembered for her television work, first as Nancy Drew on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries from 1977-1978 and then as Fallon Carrington on Dynasty from 1981-1984. Between those two major TV roles, Pamela Sue Martin did some great work. Her first post-Nancy Drew project was a TV movie called Human Feelings in which she co-starred with Billy Crystal. 1979 saw Pamela Sue Martin take a shot at feature films (she hadn't appeared in a theatrical release since 1974), and a stab at changing her 'good girl' image, with the film The Lady in Red. Things were quiet for quite some time following those two movies, but then in December 1980, Pamela Sue Martin appeared in episodes of two sappy ABC series: Fantasy Island and The Love Boat.

Fantasy Island - "The Snow Bird" (originally broadcast December 6, 1980)

In Pamela sue Martin's Fantasy Island guest appearance, she plays a trapeze artist named Velda. A guy who works at the circus, Ned Pringle (played by future Fall Guy sidekick Douglas Barr), falls in love with her and uses the magic offered by Fantasy Island to win her attention by becoming a trapeze performer himself.

Pamela Sue Martin and Douglas Barr

The Love Boat - "Boomerang" (originally broadcast December 13, 1980)

In Pamela Sue Martin's Love Boat guest appearance she plays a model named Donna Dayton who wears a fake wedding ring to distance herself from unwanted male attention. In this episode, she primarily acts opposite actor Barry Van Dyke.

Pamela Sue Martin and Barry Van Dyke