Lois Chiles newspaper coverage 1972-1978

The following is a collection of newspaper clippings about actress Lois Chiles spanning the first decade of her career. She first started getting press at the end of 1972 for her second movie, Robert Redford/Barbara Streisand project The Way We Were. Lois Chiles then garnered more publicity in 1974 for her supporting role in the film The Great Gatsby. The actress then took several years off in the mid-1970s but newspaper coverage of her activities resumed in 1977 when she began filming Death on the Nile. In 1978, Lois Chiles began working on her biggest movie, and perhaps best remembered role of her career, the James Bond classic Moonraker. Of course, her new-found status as a Bond girl brought her even more press attention.


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Lois Chiles and Yves St. Lauren


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