Kay Lenz in Sanctuary of Fear

In 1979, Kay Lenz was the featured guest star in Sanctuary of Fear, a pilot for a proposed television series based on the Father Brown character created by author G.K. Chesterton. The project was not altogether faithful to the original literary figure, and is instead an update of the character, transplanting him to present-day New York City and changing his nationality from British to American. Some fans of the literary character were displeased by this TV movie, though others have managed to take some enjoyment from it. Reviews in American newspapers at the time of the original broadcast of Sanctuary of Fear in the spring of 1979 ranged from lukewarm to positive. Most were in agreement that Barnard Hughes and Kay Lenz were both appealing in their roles, and that the production had some good elements, but the overall concept just wasn't that thrilling. Indeed, I too quite enjoyed watching Sanctuary of Fear but I had doubts that this would have made a good weekly series. That being said, as a standalone project Sanctuary of Fear is still quite fun, with two great leads and a good supporting cast, and is another fine thriller from director John Llewellyn Moxey.

Kay Lenz is very appealing in her role as aspiring actress Carol Bain in Sanctuary of Fear. She handles her part well and is quite beautiful throughout.

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