Meg Foster visits the Streets of San Francisco

In the fall of 1975, Meg Foster made a memorable appearance on The Streets of San Francisco. It was the first of four guest appearances she would do in late 1975, following the premature cancellation of her TV series Sunshine earlier that year (she also was a guest star on the TV shows Bronk, Baretta and Three for the Road).

In the Streets of San Francisco episode 'Trail of Terror', Meg Foster plays Nancy Mellon, a young woman who witnesses her boyfriend's murder by a trio of sailors. James Woods guest stars as one of the men who wants her dead. Eventually, Meg Foster leaves with Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) for the wilderness where they are chased by the bad guys. Meg Foster had previously worked alongside Michael Douglas in the 1970 film Adam at Six A.M.

Here are some images of Meg Foster appearing on The Streets of San Francisco:

Meg Foster and Michael Douglas