Wendy Kilbourne on The A-Team

Wendy Kilbourne capped off a successful 1984 with a featured guest role on The A-Team. A month prior, her guest appearance on Riptide had aired and she had begun 1984 with a guest shot on Knight Rider.

In the third season A-Team episode 'Sheriffs of Rivertown', the gang heads down to South America to bring law and order to the temporary town that has been set up to house American workers who are constructing a dam. Wendy Kilbourne plays Nikki Monroe, the sister of an engineer who gone missing, who helps the A-Team get the bottom of things. Robert Davi plays the bad guy. Wendy Kilbourne finds time to sing onstage at the local bar and ends up kissing Dirk Benedict at the end (sorry for the spoiler!).

Here are some pictures of Wendy Kilbourne on The A-Team:

Wendy Kilbourne and Robert Davi

Wendy Kilbourne and Dirk Benedict

Wendy Kilbourne with George Peppard and Dwight Schultz

Wendy Kilbourne with Mr. T in the background

Wendy Kilbourne held captive on The A-Team

Wendy Kilbourne and George Peppard