Tarah Nutter on Eight Is Enough

I first saw actress Tarah Nutter in the 1980 horror/sci-fi classic Without Warning. In that movie I thought that she did a great job and looked very cute and immediately wondered what else she was in. As it turned out, Tarah Nutter had a very brief career with only a half a dozen credits over a three year period. Too bad because she's a highly watchable actress and I would have loved to see more of her.

Previously I posted about Tarah Nutter's guest appearance on the TV show Nero Wolfe in 1981 and there seems to have been some interest in that. So, as a follow-up, I thought I would share some images of Tarah Nutter appearing on Eight Is Enough. Tarah Nutter guest starred in a two part episode ('The Idolbreaker Part 1 and Part 2') of Eight Is Enough which originally aired in April 1981. She plays an old girlfriend of Willie Aames' character who turns up to tell him that she is pregnant right as his band is about to go out on tour. They have to decide whether they want to get married or not.

The following pictures of Tarah Nutter are taken from 'The Idolbreaker: Part 1". All of pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Tarah Nutter cuddles with Willie Aames