Charlotte Rampling in Rotten to the Core

In 1965, Charlotte Rampling began her film career with a comedy called Rotten to the Core. The following year she would be featured in far better remembered movie, Georgy Girl, but Rotten to the Core represents her proper screen debut (she made an uncredited cameo earlier in 1965 in a movie called The Knack... and How to Get It).

In Rotten to the Core, Charlotte Rampling looks absolutely fantastic and does a fine job with her comedic role. She is shown wearing a variety of mid-'60s fashions and gets to toss out all sorts of fun catchphrases from the time (my favorite was when she says 'swoonsville'). Her character, Sara Capell, is a young woman who assists a suave criminal called The Duke in pulling off a huge Army payroll heist.

Rotten to the Core is wild comedy and Charlotte Rampling contributes to this by way of a high energy performance. Her voice is dubbed in the film, but this does not detract greatly from the proceedings. Charlotte Rampling was one of the most visually striking British actresses to arrive on the scene in the mid-'60s. She was very charming and had acting skills, but her look was almost enough to carry her through, especially in the early stage of her career.

Apparently, Peter Sellers was originally attached to star in Rotten to the Core. Perhaps if he had, the movie would be better remembered now. As it stands today, the film is fairly low profile but it is certainly worth watching if you have the opportunity. I sought out Rotten to the Core so I could view Charlotte Rampling's first movie and I was pleasantly surprised to find a fun farce, with the digs at the military and the church still hilarious and many great over-the-top performances. All that plus Charlotte Rampling in her underwear!

Here are some images of Charlotte Rampling in Rotten to the Core (click the pictures to see them full size):