Jill Townsend in The Spirit Is Willing

Jill Townsend made her feature film debut in 1967 in a movie called The Spirit Is Willing. The project was a kid-friendly ghost movie produced and directed by the prolific B-movie king William Castle. It was one of the last movies that William Castle directed.

Promotional image of Jill Townsend and co-stars in The Spirit Is Willing

Jill Townsend only appeared in four feature films (I don't count The Seven-Per-Cent Solution because she only made a short cameo in that movie), working mostly on television throughout the bulk of her career. When she did do a movie, she usually got a good supporting role (she never starred in a film outright...Alfie Darling in 1976 was her biggest part and she was second-billed in that project). In The Spirit Is Willing, Jill Townsend has a nice featured role and gets to play three different characters.

Here are some pictures of Jill Townsend in The Spirit Is Willing: