Tarah Nutter on Nero Wolfe

In 1981, Tarah Nutter guest starred in an episode the detective show Nero Wolfe. The show was short-lived, and is best remembered today as either William Conrad's show between Cannon and Jake and the Fatman or as Lee Horsley's first show (or his show before Matt Houston). Tarah Nutter, after starring in the movie Without Warning, a sci-fi/horror cult classic released in 1980, then turned her attention to television roles. The first TV appearance she made was on Nero Wolfe, in a small but central part. In an episode called 'Before I Die' Tarah Nutter plays Elaine Page, a woman who is unaware that her father is a big-time criminal. When her father dies, Nero Wolfe is charged with ensuring that the young woman gets her inheritance.

Here are some pics of Tarah Nutter on Nero Wolfe (click to enlarge):