Janet Julian on Knight Rider

In 1984, Janet Julian appeared on Knight Rider, the campy TV show about a sentient car and its wealthy owner, David Hasselhoff.

In a third season epsiode of Knight Rider called 'The Ice Bandits' Janet Julian plays artist Judy Tompkins, who is in a relationship with a man named Charley Winters (played by Bruce Fairbairn). Unbeknownst to her, the man is a thief. After the jewelry at a charity auction (attended by Janet Julian and the cast of Knight Rider) is ripped off by two robbers whose faces are hidden by motorcycle helmets, Michael Knight and company must search for answers. The search leads to wine country in Napa Valley where a plastic surgeon is altering criminal's appearances in exchange for a cut of their ill-gotten gains.

When Janet Julian was featured on Knight Rider in 1984, it was the third of three appearances on popular night-time comedy/dramas. In 1982, she had guest starred on The Fall Guy and in 1983 she put in an appearance on Simon & Simon. After doing Knight Rider, Janet Julian's next move was to make two feature films, Ghost Warrior and Choke Canyon, both released in 1986. It seems like she may have already had movies in mind because in 1984 Janet Julian also had a role in the movie Fear City.

Here are some images of Janet Julian appearing on Knight Rider:

Janet Julian and Bruce Fairbairn

Janet Julian and David Hasselhoff