Janet Julian on The Fall Guy

In 1982, Janet Julian guest starred on the TV show The Fall Guy. The series, about a stuntman/bounty hunter and his cohorts, starred Lee Majors in the lead role. The supporting cast included Douglas Barr, Heather Thomas and Markie Post.

In a second season episode of The Fall Guy titled 'Hell on Wheels' Janet Julian portrays Elizabeth 'Mad Dog' McClosky, a competitive roller derby player. Apparently she had an outstanding warrant in her home state and had skipped town and gone on the road with her roller derby team. Colt Seavers (Lee Majors) and his crew then begin the process of capturing the bounty, but soon find out that Janet Julian's character is actually a nice person in a tough situation. They also find out that the owner of her roller derby team is disreputable, so they decide to take him down.

'Hell on Wheels' also featured guest stars Clu Gulager, James Wainwright and Tracy Scoggins.

When Janet Julian appeared on The Fall Guy in 1982, it was the first of three guest appearances in three years on popular night-time good guys vs bad guys comedy/dramas. In 1983, she would guest star on Simon & Simon and in 1984 she would be featured on an episode on Knight Rider.

Here are some images of Janet Julian appearing on The Fall Guy:

Janet Julian and Heather Thomas

Janet Julian and Lee Majors