Jill Townsend on The Wild Wild West

In 1967 and 1968, Jill Townsend was part of the cast of the CBS 70 minute western TV show Cimarron Strip. That show was cancelled after only one season, perhaps due in part to the fact that there were so many westerns on television at the time. After the demise of Cimarron Strip in 1968, Jill Townsend spent all of 1969 doing guest appearances on other popular old west TV series. Her first featured role on TV after Cimarron Strip was on The Wild Wild West on CBS and she followed that up with appearances on Bonanza and The Virginian for NBC. However, after this flurry of old west activity in the late 1960s, Jill Townsend would never appear in a western again. It was good while it lasted, though!

Jill Townsend appeared on an episode of The Wild Wild West called 'The Night of the Sabatini Death' which aired in early 1969. In the epsiode, Jill Townsend plays a blind woman named Sylvia Nolan who is unaware that she is the daughter of big-time criminal, Johnny Sabatini. Sabatini, just before he dies, asks star Jim West to make sure that a young woman gets a certain gift. Sabatini dies before he can give the whole story, so Mr. West and his cohort must visit Calliope, Missouri in order to begin unraveling the mystery. Alan Hale and Jim Backus, both of Gilligan's Island, appear in this episode of the show. Jill Townsend does very well with her part and looks quite lovely as well.

Here are a few pics of Jill Townsend appearing on The Wild Wild West: