Samantha Eggar in The Killer Who Wouldn't Die

In the mid-1970s, Samantha Eggar switched from starring in high-profile feature films to appearing in various projects on US television. In 1976, the actress, billed as 'special guest star', was featured in The Killer Who Wouldn't Die. A vehicle for actor Mike Connors, Eggar doesn't show up until about a half hour in and then sporadically throughout the rest of the movie.

While certainly not Samantha Eggar's best work, she does a fine job here. The Killer Who Wouldn't Die is a very standard TV movie, very much like so many others that flooded network television during the 70s. It's highly watchable but also quite predictable. Eggar comports herself nicely during the proceedings but the real problem seems to be her hairstyle, which doesn't seem to really suit her and looks a bit of a mess!