Sally Gray in Silent Dust

In 1949, Sally Gray was top-billed in Silent Dust, a film that would prove to be one of her final projects before retiring from the screen a couple years later. Silent Dust is a 'B' movie...but it's one of those B movies that has just as much impact as anything you're likely to see.

Based on a play called "The Paragon" by Roland and Michael Pertwee, Silent Dust concerns itself with a cowardice during wartime and the blind adulation of children. It is a wonderful film and one which could be viewed and enjoyed by anyone, not just fans of the lovely Sally Gray.

Sally Gray is quite beautiful in Silent Dust and, as you might have guessed, she gives a brilliant performance as well. She was definitely one of the most engaging and best looking actresses of the late 1930s and 1940s and this role is just further proof of that claim.