Genevieve Bujold in The Trojan Women

In 1971, Genevieve Bujold participated in a prestigious film project titled The Trojan Women. Unfortunately, I can't delve into a deep discussion of the ancient source material or its modern translation. Nor can I comment on the stage play on which the movie was based. I can only talk about the film itself. I only watched The Trojan Women for Genevieve Bujold and, in that sense alone, it was a triumph.

The Trojan Women is a fine and very intense film. In fact, due to its heaviness, it may be a little too much for the casual viewer. However, fans of any of the actresses featured in the film would be well advised to take a glance at the movie. 

Genevieve Bujold, playing a madwoman, makes a great impression in The Trojan Women. Even though her time on screen is fairly limited, she makes the most of it and gives a stellar performance. She looks very beautiful in this project, her eyes and hair are wild and she puts a lot of passion into her role.