Meg Foster on Ghost Story

In 1972, Meg Foster appeared on one of the first episodes of the horror anthology series Ghost Story (also known as Circle of Fear). The actress would guest star on the show again several months later in one of the final episodes of the short-lived show.

The episode "At the Cradle Foot" revolves around actor James Franciscus and his bizarre journey to Wyoming to solve the murder of his daughter. The thing is though, his daughter's murder hasn't happened's a premonition he's having. He feels that his daughter will be murdered on a carousel in the future, so he travels to Wyoming in the hope that he can prevent this strange occurrence. Once there, James Franciscus meets a young woman named Julie (played by Meg Foster) who works at the boarding house he stays at. Of course, she ends up being involved in his preposterous visions of future events.

As you might know, Meg Foster maintained a near omnipresence on TV during the 1970s. Her appearance on Ghost Story was just another fine example of the fabulous work the beautiful actress was doing on American television back then. Though her time onscreen was limited here, as always, Meg Foster managed to make a very nice impression.

Here are some pictures of Meg Foster on Ghost Story:

Meg Foster & Jeremy Slate

Meg Foster & James Franciscus

Meg Foster weeps