Kathleen Beller and The Danger Team

In 1991, Kathleen Beller starred in the pilot for a proposed TV series called The Danger Team. The project was a mixture of live action and claymation, with Kathleen Beller playing an aspiring private detective named Cheryl. Chris, her friend/boyfriend (I'm not sure his status was clarified), makes animated safety films and after a strange meteorite strikes, three clay figures known as the Danger Team come to life and make their existence known to Cheryl. After Chris is mistakenly kidnapped, Cheryl and the Danger Team partner up to rescue him.

The Danger Team never took off which is unfortunate because it probably would have been a fun show. Its also too bad because it would have been a great vehicle for Kathleen Beller and a chance for her to return to television in the 1990s (she had been a cast member on Dynasty and The Bronx Zoo in the 80s). As it turned out, she retired from film and television work not long after. On The Danger Team, Kathleen Beller was in her mid-30s but she looked quite youthful and certainly gave a very energetic and endearing performance.