Kay Lenz on Houston Knights

Chances are that if you were watching evening television in the mid-1980s then you probably saw Kay Lenz guest starring on one of your favorite shows. The actress maintained a nearly ubiquitous presence on TV during one of it's greatest decades, appearing on sitcoms and hour-long dramas and everything in between.

Houston Knights was one of the best shows of the late '80s, deftly combining drama and comedy with cop action and high production values. The show had two highly charismatic lead actors (Michael Beck and Michael Pare) who had some of the best acting chemistry seen on television in a long time. When Kay Lenz came in for a guest role during the second season, it was bound to be terrific.

In this episode of Houston Knights, Kay Lenz plays a hard-working mother of three who struggles with homelessness. One of the reasons that this was such a great role for her wasn't so much the character (she could play this part in her sleep) but the fact that the role calls for her to appear, since she is supposed to be poor, more natural. This allows for her natural beauty to shine through without being marred by heavy makeup or a bad hairstyle.

Kay Lenz & Michael Beck