Doran Clark on Houston Knights

Doran Clark spent most of the 1980s on television. She was a cast member on three shows early in the decade and the actress spent a lot of time doing guest roles on various series. One such guest spot was on the fantastic cop show Houston Knights.

Houston Knights was one of those shows that was cancelled way too soon. This series, in terms of overall quality and entertainment value, towered over the bulk of similar shows during the time period. In one of the first episodes of Houston Knights, Doran Clark was the special guest star and many viewers could tell right away that this was going to be a great show.

Female guest stars on Houston Knights typically fit in to one of two categories: wealthy debutantes or down-home girls. Doran Clark appeared on the show in 1987 as a down-to-earth woman from Texas and she did a very job. Not only did she look quite lovely, she handled her role with great ease.