Prunella Gee in The Wilby Conspiracy

Prunella Gee is an actress whose work I'm largely unfamiliar with, but she managed to make a great impact on me with her role in the 1975 film The Wilby Conspiracy. Playing the female counterpart to two acting giants, Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine, is no small task but Prunella Gee seemed to be quite up for the challenge...especially impressive considering this was her first feature film.

Besides getting to share the screen with the two aforementioned huge screen personalities, Prunella Gee also gets to do scenes with the legendary Nicol Williamson (fabulously evil here) and a pre-global fame Rutger Hauer. She has a lovely hairstyle in the movie which adds to her lovely appearance and she also gets to do a rather lengthy bathtub scene with Michael Caine!