Glynis Barber on Diagnosis Murder

Glynis Barber has been a staple of UK television since her first appearance in 1979, but the actress has only had scant roles on American TV. One particular US television appearance was in 1994 on the mystery series Diagnosis Murder.

In a second season episode of Diagnosis Murder titled "Georgia on My Mind," Glynis Barber lends her lovely presence to a few scenes. And who did she get to act opposite? The legendary Scott Baio! Now, I like Charles in Charge perhaps even more than the next guy, but he's such a sleaze I just couldn't believe he got to do a fake medical exam of the gorgeous Glynis Barber.

One thing a viewer may note during Glynis Barber's performance on Diagnosis Murder is her use of an American accent. I haven't seen everything she's done so this was the first time I'd seen her utilize a non-British voice. She does well with it, but it is unnecessary for an actress of her considerable beauty and charm.