Rosemary Forsyth in The War Lord

In 1965, Rosemary Forsyth appeared in her second movie, The War Lord. The project was a team-up between two masters of the epic film, star actor Charlton Heston and director Franklin J. Schaffner. Rosemary Forsyth played the love interest in this medieval masterpiece and is appropriately beautiful in her role as a young villager who is coveted by new ruler Heston. The War Lord is an amazing film and I'm surprised it is not more popular as it towers (pun intended...the movie revolves around a lone tower overlooking the territory) over so many other medieval movies.

Here are some promotional photos of Rosemary Forsyth for The War Lord:

Here is some contemporary newspaper coverage of Rosemary Forsyth and The War Lord, including photos, an article and two original advertisements for the film:

Rosemary Forsyth actually doesn't have that much to do in The War Lord. She is mostly there to look nice and to look shocked at all the atrocities that occur throughout the movie. And so, finally, here are some images of Rosemary Forsyth in The War Lord (click to view full size):

Rosemary Forsyth with Guy Stockwell in the background

Rosemary Forsyth and Charlton Heston face the blade