Jennifer Edwards in The Carey Treatment

The Carey Treatment is one of those fantastic movies that a lot of people may have missed. This may be due to the general obscurity of the 1972 film or it might be because so many reviews of The Carey Treatment (by both professional critics and casual viewers) would have you believe it is not very good. I finally sat down and watched it and my suspicions were confirmed. Yes, a film directed by Blake Edwards, starring James Coburn, based off a book by Michael Crichton (written under a pseudonym) is actually amazing! An interesting story punctuated with a sly sense of humor and yet another great performance from James Coburn. The Carey Treatment is definitely worth watching.

Anyways, Blake Edwards put his daughter Jennifer Edwards in a lot of his projects over the years. Her first substantial role in any of his films was in The Carey Treatment, where she played the roommate of the girl who died and whose death James Coburn is investigating. For her role, the 14 year old Jennifer Edwards uses some sort of mock British accent which is alternately hilarious and concerning. Still, the young actress does a fine job with her small role, though her part in the film lasts only a few minutes. First, James Coburn questions her in her room then offers to give her a ride and proceeds to drive like a maniac (which includes jumping a drawbridge over a waterway) until she cries and tells him what he wants to know.

Here are some images of Jennifer Edwards in The Carey Treatment: