Wanda Hendrix in Prince of Foxes

In 1949, Wanda Hendrix starred alongside Tyrone Power and Orson Welles in Prince of Foxes. It was a terrific historical adventure and Wanda Hendrix starred as the beautiful Camilla who captures the heart of Andrea Orsini (Tyrone Power). This role should have brought great stardom and better roles to the lovely actress, but Wanda Hendrix (though she worked steadily throughout the 1950s and beyond) never achieved the level of fame she may have deserved. After watching Prince of Foxes, one has to wonder how someone so gorgeous and natural on screen was not better utilized by Hollywood and why she is not better remembered today.

Here are some images of Wanda Hendrix in Prince of Foxes:

Wanda Hendrix and Orson Welles

Wanda Hendrix and Tyrone Power

Here are some original newspaper promotional material for Prince of Foxes: