Kay Lenz in Murder By Night

In 1989, co-starred alongside Robert Urich and Michael Ironside in Murder By Night. In the movie, Kay Lenz plays a police psychologist who works alongside amnesia victim Robert Urich. Michael Ironside plays her ex-husband, a cop who thinks that Robert Urich might be a serial killer.

Murder By Night was the fourth film made for original broadcast on the USA cable network (it was later released om VHS). Though set in New York City, the project was filmed in Toronto. Murder By Night is not so well remembered today, probably mostly sought out by fans of one of the three stars or the director. However, the movie still plays well today and I quite enjoyed watching it. Looking at it one way, Murder By Night is just a typical late '80s made-for-TV thriller, though it really gave me the impression of an updated 1940s film noir.

Here's a nice contemporary newspaper article about Kay Lenz and her role in Murder By Night:

The following is a brief synopsis/review of Murder By Night. The reviewer doesn't think too much of the movie and even takes the opportunity to take a shot at the director and the writer. Paul Lynch had previously directed the horror classic Prom Night and Alan McElroy had written Halloween 4, which promps the reviewer to ask "what else can we expect?"

Here are some images of Kay Lenz starring in Murder By Night:

Kay Lenz and Michael Ironside

Kay Lenz and Michael Ironside again