Illustrated adverts for Lisa, Bright and Dark

Though she had been acting since she was a child, Kay Lenz really entered the popular consciousness in 1973. That year she co-starred with William Holden in the Clint Eastwood directed film Breezy. That movie is fairly well remembered today, but 1973 also saw Kay Lenz appear in an acclaimed TV movie called Lisa, Bright and Dark. Based on the book by John Neufeld, the story deals with a teenage girl's struggle with mental illness. One reason that the film adaptation of this popular work is not widely recognized is because it has not been released on DVD and I don't know if it ever saw a VHS release either. Most likely, it will turn up someday and everyone will get a chance to take a look at it (edit: it has now been released!). In the meantime, here are two promotional images for Lisa, Bright and Dark: