Wendy Kilbourne on Knight Rider

Wendy Kilbourne's first big role on TV was as guest star in an episode of Knight Rider. Previously, she had some bit parts on a handful of other series but her appearance on Knight Rider represented her first substantial television performance. In the episode, titled 'Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend', Wendy Kilbourne plays a model named Lauren who works for the sleazy Bernie Mitchell (played by the always campy Cameron Mitchell). Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) poses as Lauren's boyfriend after another model is killed and eventually he uncovers a diamond smuggling ring.

Wendy Kilbourne, playing a model, is just right for this part and she looks great throughout the episode. It's no wonder that she would go on to work steadily for the rest of the decade. 'Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend' originally aired in January, 1984. Later on that same year, Wendy Kilbourne would be the featured guest on two other prime-time action series, Riptide and The A-Team.

Here are some images of Wendy Kilbourne appearing on Knight Rider: