Meg Foster in Welcome to Arrow Beach

In 1974, Meg Foster starred in the horror film Welcome to Arrow Beach. Simply put, the movie is under-seen and underrated by many. I actually had some superficial reservations about seeing the movie based on a number of negative and lukewarm reviews I had read, both from professional and amateur critics. As is often the case, I should have known better to put any stock in what the reviewers had written. I very much enjoyed Welcome to Arrow Beach and found it to be quite entertaining, well-paced, solidly assembled and highly watchable film (I was watching the uncut version and I can see why people would potentially hate a heavily edited TV version). Great performances were given all around but, of course, I was watching the movie because of Meg Foster...and to this end I was certainly not disappointed in the least!

Meg Foster and Laurence Harvey

Here are some images of Meg Foster in Welcome to Arrow Beach:

Meg Foster and David Macklin