Lois Chiles on Hart to Hart

Like a lot of other people, I first became aware of Lois Chiles through the 1979 James Bond epic Moonraker. Of course, she had been around for a few year prior to that movie and had smaller roles in The Way We Were, The Great Gatsby and Coma. She also had an important role in the 1978 adaptation of the  Agatha Christie mystery Death on the Nile. After Moonraker, she did a lot of TV work (including a stint on Dallas) and had scattered movie roles which continued into the 2000s. However, I had always wanted to see her immediate follow-up to Moonraker, only to discover that she didn't really have one. Her first post-Moonraker project was two years later with a guest appearance on the TV show Hart to Hart.

In the Hart to Hart episode 'The Latest in High Fashion Murder', Lois Chiles gets an opportunity to play dual roles. Her primary character is that of a fashion model which she plays with ease since she was one in real life. Overall the episode is a good one (especially if you like this sort of thing...which I do!). Joe Pantaliano is one of the other guest stars and also look for Shari Belafonte in one of her earliest TV appearances.

The episode begins with a montage of photos of models with a focus on several images of Lois Chiles:

Then the episode moves on to a photo-shoot where Lois Chiles gets to wear a unique outfit:

Then on to the rest of the episode. Lois Chiles gets to chat with Stefanie Powers, attend a party and go to another photo-shoot at the Hart's house. Then comes her big scene where she gets to cry and do some real acting.

Lois Chiles and Stefanie Powers on Hart to Hart

Lois Chiles on Hart to Hart

Oh yeah, she also plays another character...her "sister". Here's a pic of that: