Kitty Winn in Mirrors (1978)

I first became interested in Kitty Winn after watching The Panic in Needle Park, in which she gave an outstanding performance. Shortly thereafter I watched The House That Would Not Die and I was again very pleased with her work. Knowing that she was featured in the horror classics The Exorcist and Exorcist II, I had always wanted to see the final starring role of her career in the psychological voodoo horror movie Mirrors from 1978.

When I finally did get a chance to view Mirrors, I was not disappointed. I didn't have high expectations for the film, I just simply sat down and watched it not knowing what to expect exactly. Mirrors turned out to be engaging and rather engrossing. The movie is filled with great camera work, great New Orleans scenery and interesting imagery throughout. Kitty Winn is a very intriguing actress and she handles her part well. Her eyes are very expressive and she uses them to great effect. I feel like Kitty Winn was very deserving of this starring role; it's just too bad the movie did not experience wider popularity. I love the warmth of vhs, but I'd still love to see the film in remastered form and I think a dvd release could help this film find an audience.

Here's a few images of Kitty Winn in the 1978 film Mirrors: