Janet Julian in Ghost Warrior

In 1986, Janet Julian starred in Ghost Warrior, a movie about an ancient samurai frozen in ice who is awakened in 1980s Los Angeles. Also known as Swordkill, the movie features Janet Julian as the woman who understands the samurai and is the only person who really wants to help him. Ghost Warrior is a fun movie but not very well remembered today but well worth viewing if you have the time...or if you like Janet Julian. This, along with Choke Canyon which came out the same year, were her last 'big' movie roles and she would not appear in anything again until 1989 when she got a featured role on the TV show Falcon Crest. She did a few movies in the 1990s (including King of New York) but was not featured as heavily as she was in Ghost Warrior.

The following are some images of Janet Julian in Ghost Warrior aka Swordkill: