Glynis Barber and Sherlock Holmes

Legendary literary character Sherlock Holmes has been brought to the screen countless times. In 1979, the infamous detective was portrayed on a television series called Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson starring Geoffrey Whitehead as a young-ish Holmes and Donald Pickering as his faithful sidekick Watson. The show utilized a half hour format and told mostly original stories in the spirit of Sherlock's creator Arthur Conan Doyle.

Stunningly beautiful actress Glynis Barber actually appeared in two episodes of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. In 1980, she had small role in the episode "The Case of the Sitting Target." I guess the producers must have liked her because two episodes later, Barber returned to play a much more substantial role in the episode "The Case of the Three Uncles." In fact, Glynis Barber was the primary focus of this edition of the short-lived series and she does a great job playing a devious young woman from a wealthy family who is bold enough to try to fool the infinitely intelligent Mr. Holmes. Glynis Barber, quite beautiful in period garb, makes a great impression on the humble viewer and this guest role can easily be considered some of the best work from the early years of her career.  

(It's also interesting to note that three years later, Glynis Barber would again be tapped for another Sherlock Holmes television project: the 1983 version The Hound of the Baskervilles.)