Janear Hines in Hit!

Sometimes someone has only a small role in a film but nevertheless ends up being one of the most memorable things about it. When the film in question is one as good as Hit!, a movie full of terrific performances and unforgettable scenes, this is quite a feat.

Hit! is a 1973 movie directed by the great Sidney J. Furie and starring the one and only Billy Dee Williams. The plot concerns Williams and his quest to bring down a French drug ring following the accidental death of his daughter from a heroin overdose. It's an undeniable classic and a very entertaining revenge flick. 

Early on in the film, the legendary Billy Dee Williams meets up with an old girlfriend. She works with computers for the US government and she's willing to give Williams some vital information that he needs for his deadly mission. The actress playing this part is Janear Hines and she's quite attractive and, based on the immediately noticeable chemistry between her and Billy Dee, talented as well. Their scene together is all too brief but very memorable. Her character is alluded to later in the movie but she is not shown again. I'd love to see her in other projects but Janear Hines only worked sporadically throughout the 1970s.