Kathryn Harrold on Starsky and Hutch

In 1978, Kathryn Harrold made her first ever TV guest appearance on the final episode of the third season of the popular cop show Starsky & Hutch. The lovely and talented actress had already been working on the daytime soap The Doctors for a while and her featured role on S&H signaled a move to the high stakes world of evening television.

In the Starsky & Hutch episode titled "Deckwatch," Kathryn Harrold plays a beautiful young woman named Laura Kanen who gets drawn against her will into an extremely dangerous situation. A serial murderer who was critically wounded during his latest slaying winds up at the home of wheelchair-bound old lady who just happens to be Harrold's character's mother. When she returns home to see her mother she gets taken hostage by the psychotic killer. Luckily, she used to date 'Hutch' Hutchinson and eventually she is able to contact him and have him save the day (with Starsky's help, naturally).

This is a very claustrophobic episode, the bulk of which takes place inside a small suburban home. Tense scenes are played out with the sweaty bad guy making last desperate grasps at freedom even though the viewer knows full well that he is doomed. Kathryn Harrold, with feathered hair and a form-fitting tight sweater, does a fantastic job conveying nervousness and fear. She is perfect for her part and it's easy to see why she was utilized for bigger TV and film projects shortly after this aired.