Brenda Bakke on Jake and the Fatman

In the 1990s, beautiful actress Brenda Bakke divided her time between television and feature film work. In early 1992, Bakke's guest appearance on the classic crime series Jake and the Fatman was first broadcast. The episode, titled "Come Closer to Me," found Brenda Bakke portraying an attractive thief who works for a pickpocketing mastermind (played by the always campy Alex Cord). Jake (Joe Penny) infiltrates their criminal enterprise in order to gain information on an upcoming mob hit.

Joe Penny & Brenda Bakke on Jake and the Fatman

Brenda Bakke is completely at ease playing a sexy but somewhat vulnerable pickpocketing accomplice. She looks stunning throughout this Jake and the Fatman episode and she has great chemistry with star Joe Penny. Of course, as with nearly every female guest star on the show, her character falls in love with the studly Jake Styles. All in all, this was a very successful guest appearance for Brenda Bakke and she really did a great job with her role.