Lynne Moody in Charleston (1979)

Previously, we took a look at Love's Savage Fury, a somewhat obscure 1979 TV movie set during the American Civil War. Well, here is another TV movie from the same year set in South Carolina during the same general time period. Charleston was actually a pilot for a proposed series and featured Delta Burke (in her first starring role), Lynne Moody (in between roles in the popular miniseries Roots and Roots: The Next Generations) and Patricia Pearcy (star of the horror film Squirm). Produced by the Robert Stigwood Organization and originally broadcast on NBC, Charleston didn't seem to make much of an impact. It was replayed on television throughout the 1980s but it never got a VHS release and has seemingly since been largely forgotten.

Lynne Moody got a bit of newspaper coverage in early 1979 because she was going to be reprising her role in the second Roots miniseries. However, even after being featured in the high-profile Roots and co-starring in TV movies like Charleston, the actress just couldn't find her way to the next level of success in the acting world.

Of course, Delta Burke was in Charleston too and here are two promotional images of the actress: