Meg Foster in Adam at Six A.M.

What was Meg Foster's first feature film role? It was a small part in Michael Douglas' second movie, Adam at Six A.M. Released in mid-1970, Adam at Six A.M. was filmed in the fall of 1969 and as such rates among some of Meg Foster's first Hollywood work. The actress appears in the film scantily clothed/briefly nude, smokes and just generally looks beautiful during her short time on screen. She gets to ask Michael Douglas the question "Well, what's on for tonight, smiley?" before ending up in bed with him. Really, it's a nice feature film debut that really leaves you wanting to see more of her (Meg Foster and Michael Douglas would end up working together again on his TV show The Streets of San Francisco).

Here a few pics of Meg Foster in Adam at 6 A.M.: