Ramsay Ames in Beauty and the Bandit

In 1946, actress Ramsay Ames appeared in her second Cisco Kid movie, Beauty and the Bandit. Let me begin by saying that the movie is not quite as bad as some reviewers have indicated. The performances and script are both competent and Beauty and the Bandit is fun to watch. It is a low-budget production and as such it comes off pretty well. What really elevates the film from sheer mediocrity is the presence of Ramsay Ames. The interplay between her and star Gilbert Roland is enjoyable and just her general demeanor and have-fun-with-it attitude adds a great deal to the proceedings. Obviously, Beauty and the Bandit is not a cinematic masterwork, but good may still be found within it.

Ramsay Ames dressed as a man in Beauty and the Bandit

Here are some images of Ramsay Ames appearing in Beauty and the Bandit: