Janet Julian on Swamp Thing

In 1992 and 1993, Janet Julian portrayed the recurring character Dr. Ann Fisk on Swamp Thing. She appeared on the show several times, playing a former student Alec Holland, the man scientist who was transformed into Swamp Thing. Of course, once she discovers that the man she used to know is now Swamp Thing, she accepts his condition and they promptly fall in love. Over the course of several episodes she attempts to help him transform back into his normal state and also helps him battle the evil Dr. Arcane.

Janet Julian's appearances on Swamp Thing were essentially the last substantial work she would do. A couple of smaller TV guest appearances would follow, but she would retire by 1995. Previously, she had taken a few stabs at feature film, but it is appropriate that her swan song would be on television, where she had begun in earnest in 1978 as the new Nancy Drew.

The following are some images of Janet Julian playing Dr. Ann Fisk on Swamp Thing:

Better Angels (January 31, 1992)

Sonata (March 20, 1992)

Changes (August 14, 1992)

Swamp of Dreams (April 17, 1993)